Have you ever wanted to book a vacation to a specific location, only to change your mind because flight times aren’t convenient? Well, this isn’t uncommon for Krabi. Visitors don’t want to waste a day by arriving too late. While minimizing downtime is definitely a goal for most people that go on a vacation, the truth about traveling to Krabi is that you don’t need to come too early to experience what it has to offer. Most flights arrive in Krabi during the late morning or early afternoon, which can make even the most skilled of tourists apprehensive towards heading over to the destination. However, some incredible Krabi attractions are best experienced in the afternoon and at night, which means that you won’t have to worry about coming in too late and missing all the fun.

No matter how limited your schedule or days in Krabi may be, it will always be easy to make the most out of an experience in the area in the afternoon and at night. Thanks to the quick and easy lifestyle that runs deep within the area, tourists won’t have to waste essential time by setting in all afternoon. Enjoying Krabi can be as easy as dropping your bags at the hotel and heading out— making it easier for anyone that’s looking to maximize their time there.


3 Afternoon and Night Activities to Enjoy During Your First Day in Krabi

While there is a time and place to enjoy a nice beer by the pool, it isn’t your first afternoon in Krabi. After all, there are so many other activities to experience on the island. To kick your Krabi trip the right way, here are three activities that you can enjoy as soon as you land and drop off your bags:

1. A sunset cruise and snorkeling

Thanks to the area’s love for the nightlife, local transport providers have been offering “Sunset Cruises” for tourists and locals alike to enjoy. Typically following a route that goes around the area’s numerous islands, Krabi’s Sunset Cruises make it easy for tourists itching for invaluable experiences to get their money’s worth on their very first day. Additionally, a Sunset Cruise can be maximized by enjoying a quick snorkeling stop on the trip during sundown. Sunset Cruises are also known for their snorkeling stops because they allow tourists to see different species of marine life that only come out during that particular time of day. As per its namesake, the Sunset Cruise is also known for the picturesque view that helps cap off the entire experience.

The Sunset Cruise can easily be accessed through Ao Nang or Railay at lunchtime, which means that the tour usually takes place in the afternoon from 3 P.M to 8 P.M. As an additional bonus, every Sunset Cruise is capped off with a BBQ dinner by the beach, making it perfect for any tourist that seeks a jam-packed experience on their first day.

2. Krabi Town’s night markets

Held on the weekends, Krabi Town’s “Walking Street Market” is perfect for those who want to jump right into the area’s laid-back lifestyle and culture. With activities such as entertainment shows, street food experiences, and shopping, the town’s Walking Street is perfect for anyone looking to cap off their first day on a high note. Easily accessible by taxi, join-in minivan, or walking (if you’re nearby), the Walking Street Market holds surprises and experiences that take place from 5:30 P.M to 9 P.M. Although the weekend market will make for the best experience, a trip on a weekday will allow you to sample foods from a few of the many hawker stalls selling there.

3. Thai massage and spas

Perfect for those who don’t want to stress or tire themselves out on their first day, authentic Thai massages and full-blown Thai spa experiences help prepare any type of body and mind for an immersive stay in Krabi Town. With a wide range of different treatment options to choose from, it should come as no surprise that there’s no such thing as a Thai massage or Thai spa treatment that isn’t perfect for you. If you want to jump right into the holiday mood when you land in Krabi, then getting a massage or going to the spa is the right thing to do.

Above are just a few options out of all the different things that you can do for your first day in Krabi. Should you find yourself looking for a more immersive way to make the most out of your first day, feel free to ask a local or your hotel concierge for suggestions and booking arrangements!

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