When you’re looking to shop on Koh Samui, know that you don’t always have to stick to malls and outlets. While the shopping experience there will be more refined, any shopping-lover out there will enjoy their experience with the night markets that take place on the island. From clothes to food items, jewelry, and even figurines, all sorts of items are sold at these markets, and for usually a much lower price.

That said, if you’re looking at which night markets you should go to on Koh Samui, here are three great ones to consider:

1. Chaweng Walking Street
If you’re looking for the perfect mix of food, relaxation, and shopping, head over to Chaweng Walking Street. This place is for you if you’re looking for clothing accessories, such as bags, sunglasses, flip flops, or others, including souvenirs. Unlike most malls, the prices at this market aren’t fixed either, so you’ll find plenty of opportunities to bargain for a much lower price tag.

After all that haggling and bargaining, you might become tired, especially if you’re carrying a bunch of items along with you. Sit back and relax at any of the stalls at the market and enjoy some of the most amazing dishes you can find on the island.

2. Fisherman’s Village Walking Street
During the weekends, the peaceful town of Bophut comes to life, all thanks to the Fisherman’s Village Walking Street night market. Filled with stalls, street performers, and shoppers, this night market is, without a doubt, a busy one.

This market sells all sorts of accessories, clothes, food, souvenirs, and so much more. The market is also well-known to sell rarer items, such as herbs and spices, musical instruments, and other unique items. While you might find extremely cheap branded items here, be aware that they’re fake, which is true no matter which market you go to in Thailand.

3. Elephant Walk Koh Samui
If you’ve got a little more money to spend, or want to test out your haggling skills, then head straight for Elephant Walk Koh Samui. This market is located very close to Fisherman’s Village Walking Street, though it is much smaller.

Here, you’ll find all sorts of unique clothing items, souvenirs, and even spa products to pamper your body with. The pricing at this market, however, is slightly higher when compared to other markets.

Popular restaurants also reside around this market. Restaurants such as Krua Malakor offer some fantastic Thai cuisine made in the style of “Issan.” One of the aspects that you’ll come to realize when heading to these restaurants is how they make the seats, which is usually out of oil drums and other items painted colorfully.

There are many markets for you to visit in Koh Samui, including the ones we’ve mentioned in this article. Whenever you feel like taking a break from shopping at boutique malls and other more expensive venues and want to have a more local experience, these night markets will do it for you. Just note that they’re not open every night, so do some research beforehand and find out which days they open and at what time.

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