Some parents may be wary about exposing their little ones to the beach at a very young age. However, by packing the right things and slathering on some sunscreen, going to the beach with a baby is not as inconvenient as one would think. Spending a day at the beach actually gives parents and their baby beautiful and long-lasting memories, and it can even open up their natural curiosity about the great outdoors. The right amount of sun is also great for the health and growth of the baby.

Bringing a baby to the beach is the perfect opportunity to let them explore more of what nature has to offer. The beach also has numerous benefits that are a waste to pass up. From making sandcastles to swimming with the currents, the beach provides various sensory opportunities for the baby.

Here are four parenting tips on how to teach babies to enjoy the beach:

Enhance their senses with nature’s beauty

Babies have a heightened sense of touch, which means that they can appreciate every little thing that they touch. While at the beach, take the opportunity to immerse your child with various elements in nature. There are extensive sensory experiences for them to enjoy, such as collecting shells and rocks, smelling the salty air, or feeling the current of the ocean.

As much as possible, spend more time with the baby squatting or lying down on the sand. The feel of the sand on their skin is a fun way to let them be one with nature.

Limit the number of beach toys

It may be tempting for parents to bring their baby’s favorite toys to keep them entertained while at the beach. Such toys, however, tend to distract babies from appreciating the natural wonders that surround them. Experts recommend allowing kids to play with only two kinds of toys, namely a simple bucket and a shovel. These two toys are enough to keep children happy while playing with sand, seashells, or tiny rocks.

Go for an exciting boat ride

A boat ride is an excellent experience for babies, especially if it’s their first time. Babies have a better view of the sparkling blue waters and the beautiful sky landscape while riding on a boat. Look for a resort that offers safe boat rides for children. This is a relaxing and fun experience for both parents and their babies.

Find child-friendly physical activities

The beach has many physical activities that are ideal for letting babies exercise their limbs. Let babies swim, float, or dip in the water to teach them how to move their bodies underwater. Parents must also let babies crawl or walk on the sand to allow their bodies to stretch. These activities teach them about bodily movements, and it also improves the baby’s blood circulation to gives them better overall health and wellness.


Parents should make every moment count with their babies. The period of having an infant or toddler is a special time for parents to bond with them. It is the perfect occasion for taking pictures, being playful, and the right time to introduce the young ones to the remarkable beauty of the beach. Spend a day with family at the New Star Beach Resort, a modern beachfront resort in Koh Samui, designed for relaxing and experiencing the outdoors.