Do you want to renew your wedding vows, and do it in a beautiful and memorable place? Koh Samui might be the perfect place for you. Being one of the most beautiful destinations in South East Asia, you will not regret choosing this place for this special occasion. Here are a few steps you can take to create the perfect experience for you and your loved one.


Create the Best Experience

This entire ceremony is for you and your spouse to plan. You have the freedom of creativity. Do you want a religious ceremony or perhaps a traditional Thai ceremony? Koh Samui has got you covered. Not only do they offer officiants for religious events and/or services to provide authentic Thai traditions, but they also provide bungalows and villas for those seeking a more casual experience. Consider asking the resort to reserve the beach area or even a spot in the garden for your ceremony, if you are desiring for a more romantic experience. You’ll both want to create the best moment for each other. Knowing what you want for your experience is crucial to choose the right ambiance.


Discuss a Guest List

Make sure you both agree on who you want to attend this ceremony. Do you want people who didn’t make it to your original wedding to come? Do you want only close friends to visit? Do you want it to be just between the two of you? These answers are entirely up to the both of you. If you do want guests, make sure you let them know in advance. This allows them some time to set up travel plans and reservations. Your guests will surely not forget the beauty and experience that Koh Samui has to offer.


Set Up Catering

Tasty food is an essential aspect to most, if not all ceremonies. Fortunately, Koh Samui offers you with some of the best and most fresh foods anyone can ever experience. Do your research and inquire about catering services at the location of your choice. Some resorts offer professional cooks who can cater to you. Some companies also provide catering and reception as part of their package. Be sure that what they offer is what you want before you agree. If all else fails, you can take it a step further and host the event yourself.


Plan the Next Honeymoon

While you’re there, why not look for a place for your second honeymoon? Koh Samui is a top pick for a honeymoon destination for many people. Koh Samui offers many luxurious resorts, condos, and villas. Some of these locations even specialize in honeymoons. Private bungalows by the beach are provided for the two of you to spend sweet private time together. If you do have guests, there are also places for them to stay. This allows you to have private time while also allowing you to visit the guests nearby.


Make Reservations

Wouldn’t it be terrible if an expired passport ruins all the planning? Focus on the basics first, and make sure all your documents are updated. If any of them are about to be or are already expired, renew them as early as possible. Passports can take up to two months to renew. If you’re having guests over, make sure reservations are kept in check, as you may have to make some down payments to reserve some places. If you’re looking to save money, renting an entire villa can be a cheaper alternative. They charge not according to how many guests there are, but according to how many homes you’ve reserved. This saves you a headache if anyone decides to cancel their trip.


Plan, plan, and plan. Make sure everything is in order and check again. Much effort must be focused on creating the perfect wedding vow renewal ceremony. Not only will you strengthen the bond between you and your loved one, but also create an enjoyable experience for all the guests. It will become a moment you and your spouse will never ever forget.


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