Choosing between Samui and Phuket could be the hardest decision to make when planning a vacation. These beautiful tropical destinations are two of the most popular in southern Thailand, visited by millions each year.

Sun, sand, and sea are present in both of the two locations. In the end, the decision is typically just a matter of personal preference. However, we’re here to give you seven reasons why you should visit Samui over Phuket.


1. Samui has better beach chairs

This may sound hypercritical, but it is what it is. Back in 2014, sun loungers disappeared from the sand in Phuket and were limited to certain permitted areas on the beach. In Samui, however, you’ll find plenty of beach chairs on the sand where you can relax. That said, this may change, and Samui might eventually have the same rules enforced. For the time being, however, Samui is an excellent place to get lazy and soak up some sun in a comfy chair.


2. Samui is easier to explore

Since Samui is much smaller in size, getting around is much easier and faster. To put it into perspective, Samui’s main airport is, at most, 20 minutes away from the four main beaches—Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut, and Maenam.


3. Samui is cheaper

Although food and shopping in Samui and Phuket are at comparable rates, accommodation is slightly cheaper. The accommodation in Samui has a wider price range, with more affordable options. There are plenty of places you can book for under $100 that are considered top-notch in Samui, which is something that can be hard to find in Phuket.


4. Samui has more beachfront accommodation options

Although beachfront hotels and resorts in Samui are, on average, smaller than those in Phuket, the former has more in number. If you’re looking for an authentic tropical feel as well as exclusivity, Samui has bungalows and villas right by its beaches.


5. Samui has calm seas all year round

Samui’s seas are known to be pretty calm for most of the year. Storms typically only arise and cause the waters to stir during the low season, which is from September to November. Otherwise, the sea is still, thanks to its location in the Gulf of Thailand. This makes it the perfect environment for families as not only is the site beautiful, but safe for children to swim.


6. Samui is more laidback

Compared to Phuket’s bustling life, Samui’s a little more laidback. If you’ve settled in either place in a remote area, the difference is minimal. If you’re stuck in rush hour traffic, the same can be said. In general, however, Samui is more relaxed and brings you more of a tropical feel compared to Phuket where modern development has taken over most of its lands.


7. Samui has no shortage of beachside restaurants

If you’re looking for a place to dine and enjoy local dishes, Samui is the better option. There are many beach clubs, restaurants, and bars all residing next to its popular beaches. From more laid-back dining in Chaweng experience to more luxurious settings in Bophut, there is every style of dining catering to every budget and personal taste.


Now, if anyone comes up to you and asks “Samui or Phuket,” you know how to answer! Plus, you now know where to go for your next beach vacation in Thailand, too. Good luck and enjoy your trip!


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