While it’s known for its breathtaking scenery, unofficial nth-wonder of the world landmarks, and overall image as the modern garden of eden, Koh Samui is also a place where a certain irreplaceable aspect of life thrives and develops: art. Koh Samui, although generally recognized for its beautiful beaches, is a budding art hub where artists can grow, improve, and further find themselves digging deeper into their work and intricate processes while having the necessary push to further use their skills and vision without any form of restriction.


In spite of the large and increasing influx of tourists in Koh Samui every year, the island’s native art scene has been slowly, yet constantly growing and blossoming for decades in inconspicuousness. This has led to a growth in the local artists coming out with fine examples of work.


A common theme that can be found in the work of Koh Samui-based artists is the manifestation of their experiences of the island’s lush environment. This often includes creative interpretations and displays of the profound effect of the island’s natural landscape on their development and growth as both people and artists.


What to visit when trying to explore the island’s art scene

If you find yourself visiting Koh Samui, it should definitely go without saying that paying a visit to the country’s local art institution is an absolute necessity in order to experience all things beautiful within the island. While the flora, fauna, and other hidden gems of Koh Samui are works of art themselves, here are a couple of galleries and museums that you should pay a visit to so that you can see the beauty of the island’s history as well:


1. Art Samui Museum

As one of Koh Samui’s most featured and famous art galleries, Art Samui is home to hundreds of examples of art pieces that encapsulate the island’s rich history. The Art Samui Museum is the perfect place to go if you want to get up close and personal with a huge assortment of artworks that have shaped and given a voice to the growing Thai art scene. Although the Art Samui Museum houses a wide variety of artwork, it’s main specialty is “Trick Art”, which is an art style that focuses on the projection of optical illusions that allow you to understand the meaning  behind every piece of work.


2. Chujai Art Gallery

The name “Chu Jai” refers to the concept of holding a good heart that’s full of determination, and there’s no doubt that it is seen in the work that was created by the two artists that started this art gallery. When you walk into the Chujai Art Gallery, you will be treated to an amazing sight of psychedelic paintings that portray a sense of wonder that the locals of the island hold. Through years of collecting and searching, the gallery’s owners put together an art gallery that shows the best of what the island’s artists have to showcase in the style of surrealism, making Chujai Art Gallery the institute to visit in Koh Samui.


3. Gallery La Fayette

Home to seven artists that have produced more than 9000 of the finest art pieces to come out of Koh Samui, Gallery La Fayette is defined as a gallery that specializes in the intricate and difficult field of oil painting. With works that feature classic pieces, modern themes, and representations of hundreds of years worth of Thai culture in the artwork it produces, the gallery has become the place to go when trying to find a Koh Samui-made piece of art that you can bring home.


4. The Modern Thai Art Gallery

Known as Koh Samui’s very first art gallery, The Modern Thai Art Gallery has been catering to visitors and art collectors while making immense contributions to the Thai art scene as a whole for 25 years. Best known for housing work that uses Pattaya, Samui, and Phuket’s scenic locations to create breathtaking pieces of art, the veteran art gallery has become a hub for viewing and purchasing vivid Thai paintings.


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