Many couples dream of having a beach wedding, with the sea breeze playing with their hair and the waves crashing upon the shore while they recite their vows. If you can manage to bring your entire wedding party to Thailand, Koh Samui is the perfect place for a beach wedding. Not only is it beautiful, but the whole area has a casual, spontaneous feel that will give your ceremony a much-needed and welcome kick.


However, having a beach wedding isn’t a walk in the park, unlike other types of weddings. You have a lot of things to consider and do before the big day. To get you started on making sure that your wedding will be a successful one, here are some tips for you:


Wedding Date:

Avoid popular months.


First off, the wedding date is something you have to consider if you plan to have your wedding in Koh Samui. As much as possible, avoid the popular months. Why? There are two important reasons why it isn’t practical to do so. First, it will be a lot harder to book a venue during peak season. Two, it can be pretty expensive to do so. It’s worth noting that February and June are popular months for beach weddings, and mid-January and March may be also be good due to favorable weather conditions.


Wedding Venue:

Book a private beachfront villa.


The wedding venue will make a difference in your decision. If you opt for a beach wedding in Koh Samui, you would do well to book a private beachfront villa for your wedding? That said, it’s best if the wedding venue is a luxury villa with multiple rooms near the beach. This setup offers more space and flexibility than other commercial resorts and public venues.


Wedding Planning:

Hire someone who can pull off a beach wedding.


When it comes to hiring a wedding planner, opt for one who’s specializes in beach weddings. Given the skills, expertise, and experience needed to organize beach weddings, your wedding planner can make sure your wedding will be everything you and your spouse want it to be.


Wedding Preparation:

Anticipate common beach woes.


Preparation is key. Unlike other types of weddings, a beach wedding comes with a lot of obstacles and challenges. One, the weather can be an issue. Wind and rain can ruin your wedding. Two, outdoor events can be challenging when it comes to lightweight decorations and accents. Even the lighting and electronics can be quite a concern, as they may fall over and break. So it’s best to prepare way ahead of time so you can figure out how to work around common problems.


Wedding Invitation:

Inform the guests it will be a beach wedding.


Your wedding invitation should highlight the venue. You need to let your wedding guests know that it is a beach wedding. This is to ensure that they can dress appropriately. Better yet, include the details of the dress code in your wedding invitation.


Wedding Ceremony:

Keep the ceremony solemn but quick.


When it comes to the wedding ceremony itself, keep it as quick and solemn as possible. After all, that is what a wedding is all about—the exchange of vows as you and your partner get into the sanctity of marriage. That said, save the fun stuff for the wedding reception.


Wedding Reception:

Have fun and hope for the best.


Finally, after the wedding ceremony, what better way to spice up the wedding than to make the most out of the venue and to have fun on the beach? In the end, you and your wedding guests have to have fun, and holding the reception right there on the shore will definitely make for a fun experience. After all, a wedding is a gift to be cherished and celebrated for a lifetime!


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