Having a day at the beach is fun. Basking under the sun, strolling on the beach, and dipping into the crystal-clear water are blissful activities that every family hopes to have for a holiday vacation.

However, there are several things to consider to ensure that the whole trip will be a worthwhile experience. While beach outing is a great way to spend a day, it can get stressful to beat the summer heat, deal with the crowd, and carry some important stuff with you.

That said, below are several tips if your whole family plans to spend a day at the beach. Keep reading to get some beach hacks on how to turn your family’s trip into a stress-free and fun-filled experience.

1. How to be Secure

Keeping your valuables secure is one of the biggest concerns during a day at the beach. Whether these are your money purse, hygiene essentials, and other stuff, you would want to keep them safe from prying eyes and dry from water as well. Here’s how you keep your things secure:

  • Waterproof protection: You can use an empty deodorant container to put valuables in such as cash, ID, and jewelry. Have someone watch over them while the rest are swimming and make sure that they don’t get near the water while along the shore. It’s that simple and easy!
  • Wrap tech in plastic bags: You can utilize a plastic bag to put tech items such as your mobile phones, tablets, and other gadgets. You would not only want to protect your stuff from other people; you would want to protect them from sand and water as well by using Ziploc storage bags.

2. How to Stay Sand-Proof

What can one expect spending a day at the beach? Sand is one obstacle that most families have to deal with while enjoying themselves. However, it isn’t something that should ruin your day. Here are a few tricks to stay sand-proof:

  • Use baby powder: You can sprinkle baby powder on your wet, sandy skin. This absorbs the moisture and helps the sand fall off. Try it, and you’ll be amazed at the results!
  • Use a basket: You shouldn’t miss out on a pop-up mesh hamper or a laundry basket. They can be used to haul toys to and from the beach. Not only do they carry your beach items, but they also allow the sand and water to fall out through the holes.
  • Use fit sheets: It’s common that you use a beach blanket. However, the sand can be blown around by the wind and get kicked on to you and your blanket. Use a fitted sheet as a beach blanket. All you have to do is to put items at the corners to weigh the sheet down and turn up the fit ends to create a raised wall around your blanketed area.

At this point, you now know how to have a stress-free and blissful day at the beach with your family. The tips and tricks mentioned above are meant to make your overall beach experience a pleasant one.

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