No great love story has ever been great without a sense of adventure, and there are good ones out there that make the cut but have stayed relatively low on people’s radar.


So if you’ve been feeling sentimental lately or you just want to inject a fresh dash of excitement in your relationship to make you relish in the existence of that crazy little thing called love, taking a getaway trip to Koh Samui is an excellent venture you can take with your significant other to make sparks fly and satisfy your mood for romance.


Speaking of which, with the romantic monsoon at its peak and plenty of long weekends coming up, here is a quick cheat sheet guide to your dream vacation in Koh Samui:


1. Romantic 7-Course Dinner on the Beach at Chaweng Regent Hotel

If you and your partner are craving for a taste of adventure and romance all in one, Chaweng Regent Hotel can serve you up with a delectable 7-course meal for two to satisfy your taste buds. It includes a high-end fusion of authentic Thai staples, particularly seafood such as the poached lobster tail and red snapper.


Of course, the experience wouldn’t be complete without a complimentary bottle of champagne, from Grove Ridge chardonnay, Grove Ridge cabernet sauvignon, to Dumont blanc de Blancs demi-sec champagne to loosen up any inhibitions.


The atmosphere itself is designed to enhance a romantic atmosphere with its ocean breeze, scenic views, and billowing curtains, along with an extensive list of desserts to help end your night on a sweet note.


2. Samui Sunset Sailing Tour

Catching an amazing sunset with your loved one is one of the must-dos of a good, honeymoon-Esque getaway. The calming, beautiful moment where the skies are painted over with various shades of pink, purple, and orange reflecting off white sands to make for a stunning experience as it brings people together at the moment.


The experience itself can even be boosted by boarding a rustic sailing vessel at the Samui Sunset Sailing tour, which allows you and your partner to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the sky painted in romance to match with the relaxing riffs of the sea.


3. Relax with your Partner at the Precious Paradise day spa in Koh Samui

Living urban life daily can be strenuous between endless meetings, presentations, interviews, and errands. On that note, take a well-deserved break with your partner by flying off the coast and gain back your inner peace at the Precious Paradise day spa tucked away in Koh Samui.


A pioneer in the wellness industry in Thailand, this is the place to be if you’re looking for a safe space to exfoliate all the toxins and pent-up stress from your body. No aching muscles will be left unattended and each session feels rejuvenating. With a wide selection of services like waxing to full-body treatments, you can be rest assured that they won’t miss a spot. One thing’s for sure, this is time for indulgence for you and your partner.


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your stay one to remember.