Koh Samui is a great vacation destination. This fact alone makes it a perfect place to be regardless of the occasion. And if you decide to have a beach wedding, we can recommend Koh Samui for you. Not only will a destination wedding at Koh Samui help you and your spouse-to-be save more money, but the island also has stunning scenery that makes it an excellent backdrop for every wedding pictures and videos.

While a wedding at Koh Samui is more expensive than in any other islands in Bangkok, it will still help you save more money than having a wedding back at home. Moreover, the island has wedding services that will make organizing a wedding incredibly easy. The people are generally accommodating. They can help translate your dream wedding into reality, making it an unforgettable experience for you.

Koh Samui is also a great honeymoon destination. That means you hit two birds with one stone in this location. The local culture is abundant, and there’s a wealth of natural wonders that you and your future spouse can explore, not to mention the many exciting offshore activities you can enjoy together.

Where in Koh Samui, should you say, “I do”

There are tons of private villas on the island, and any of them can be the perfect location to stage your wedding. Should you prefer sunset or sunrise, there’s always an ideal place to choose in Koh Samui. Proof to that is the five-star hotels that plot the area. They offer excellent accommodation that could rival what the best of Hawaii has to offer. Each of these hotels can offer tailored wedding services that will make it a fantastic event for you, your spouse, and all the invited guests.

Getting married in a villa where the vast blue ocean and pink sky seem to be blessing your union is a great opportunity, mainly because it can give the ceremony a great sense of privacy and intimacy. There are also lush gardens that will add color to your wedding. Other than that, you can enjoy the fresh sea breezes, making saying, “I Do” easy.

What Koh Samui wedding organizers do for the ceremony

Many professional agencies in Koh Samui can make your wedding experience seamless for you and your spouse. You just need to pay them. They have a templated service plan so that the decor, the menu, the entertainment, and everything before, during, and after the ceremony are to the tee.

Of course, this does not pop up out of thin air. You have to communicate with any of the agents a year or six months before your save-the-date. You must inform your wedding organizer about what you want to happen, who you want to be there and where to put them, as well as what you want to have in your life’s most grand occasion. They can set up a lantern ceremony at the reception for good luck. They can also stage up a fireworks display. Your organizers will make sure that everything is as you expect it to be and even exceed them.

If you want the ceremony to be spontaneous and private, many resorts still offer their services to help you buy the perfect dress, the suit, and the symbolic rings to use. You won’t even have to worry about learning their language because these people can speak English and other international languages fluently.


Koh Samui is one of the perfect beach wedding destinations in the world. With its palm-fringed beaches, plush luxury resorts, mountainous rainforests, and more, it’s also a dream honeymoon destination. Therefore, Koh Samui is both a wedding and a honeymoon destination. How perfect is that?

If you’re looking for a wedding resort in Koh Samui, get in touch with us today! We’ll make your wedding a memorable one.